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IWPD Management GmbH is on a dedicated mission to make the human race understand how important hight quality arts and music really is. Our projects have the mission of improving the awareness of music (in all segments of life) and the need of propagation and improvement of the music education. This is one of the major problems of this century, even if people are not aware of it. When singularity will be all over us and people will care as little about music and arts as they do now, they will be simply getting sick and don’t know what it was that made their minds so unwell. It’s to a big extend the lack of quality music and arts.


IW MANAGEMENT is a platform for all art-related subjects. TEACH ONLINE, LEARN ONLINE and share your artistic passion with others.
IW Management
Worldwide artistic management of the pianist, conductor and composer Ingolf Wunder.
The online teaching solution for music and art institutions and individuals.

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